Pear & Rhubarb Crumble | Skillet & Shutterbug

I don't really do Valentine's Day, but I'll take any excuse for a indulgent dessert. On a cold mid-February night, what could be better than a warm and bubbly crumble? Over on Instagram, I asked whether you prefer vanilla ice cream or custard. I think ice cream marginally won in the end (with "both" as a popular choice too), but I've always been a custard gal.

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Women's March on London | Skillet & Shutterbug

I don't know what I was expecting as I made my way to Grosvenor Square. The air was biting cold and the sky was icy blue to match. I knew the Women's March, a rally led by women but welcoming all participants, would be big... In fact, big didn't quite cover it.

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My Reading Goals With Penguin Books | Skillet & Shutterbug

When I was a kid, the library was one of my favourite places. I used to go every weekend, hungry for new stories, then spend hours lost in adventure after adventure. Nowadays I admit I tend to reach for my phone instead of a book, be it on a bus or in my bed. Social media is wonderful, of course, but in 2017 I’m making a conscious effort to disconnect a little more.

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