Belvedere Martini Masterclass

Disclosure: I was invited to this masterclass and received a bottle of Belvedere vodka

So who's excited about seeing Spectre this week? On the day of this Bond film's global premiere, I attended a 'Know Your Martini' masterclass hosted by Belvedere – the official vodka for Spectre – in the Punch Room at the London EDITION Hotel.

Previous to this, I'd always been too intimidated to order a martini at a bar. At the masterclass we were able to try wet and dry martinis, shaken and stirred, a reverse vesper martini (a Belvedere take on the original recipe coined by Ian Fleming), and a variation that's rumoured to be Bond's order in Spectre!

We also learned about the history of the martini, of vodka (did you know the world consumes 6 billion litres per year) and what makes Belvedere stand out. It's proud of its Polish heritage, and reflects this in the beautiful design of its beautiful frosted bottles.

Thanks, Belvedere, for an excellent masterclass. I'll be raising a dirty martini to Mr. Bond tonight!