Jamie Oliver's Everyday Super Food

Disclosure: I was gifted a copy of the cookbook

My cookbook collection is coming along nicely. The latest addition is Everyday Super Food by Jamie Oliver, and its tasty and healthy recipes are quickly making this book one of my favourites. Added bonus: the food photography was shot by Jamie himself... super impressive! With the culinary talents of my boyfriend Nathaniel and friend Mervin, here are six incredible lunchtime recipes – served on beautiful handmade plates by SkandiHus. First up, chicken and garlic bread kebabs with orange, spinach and feta.

Fish tacos (ethically-sourced hake fillets work beautifully) with kiwi, lime and chilli salsa. I never realised that wholewheat tacos were so easy to make from scratch, and will definitely be using this recipe a lot!

Mexican tomato soup (with a kick!) served with sweet potato chips, feta and wholewheat tortillas.

Greek salad in a jam jar.

Green soup with chickpeas, baby potatoes, kavolo nero and smoky chorizo.

Seared tuna steaks with Sicilian couscous, rainbow chard and broccoli. Mervin styled it in three amazing ways!