Jingdezhen Ancient Kiln Folk Customs Museum

We're back from our two week adventure in China! I have so many photos to sort through, but let me start with our trip to the Ancient Kiln Folk Customs Museum in Jingdezhen, a town that has been making excellent porcelain for nearly 2000 years.

Making porcelain bowls, vases and other ornaments involve over 70 steps. Experienced masters demonstrated their skill – most of these men and women were about 80 years old and had been making porcelain for most of their lives.

We were given a tour of the old kilns that were used throughout various dynasties.

I was surprised to learn that, despite the mastery of the craftsmen, only around 30% of the porcelain that is made is deemed worth keeping. Any minute fault in design and the item is either smashed or used to decorate the museum grounds.

If you're ever near Jingdezhen in Jiangxi province, this museum is well worth a visit.